Pearl Masters Maple Compl. 5pc #339 Matte Caviar Black

Pearl Masters Maple Compl. 5pc 339, Drum Set, Masters Maple Complete Series, Drum shells are finished with a coating of lacquer, Chrome drumshell hardware, Drumshells are made of high-quality, thin, 6-ply, 5.4 mm strong North American maple, Hoops: 2.3 mm Super Hoop II, OptiMount tom mounting system, Remo Pinstripe UT- and Remo Powerstroke 3 (bass drum) drumheads, Front drumhead on the bass drum is perforated, Bass drum muffling cushion, A warm and open-sounding set with a balanced frequency spectrum, MCT925XEP/C-339, Colour: Matte Caviar Black (-339)@+*Drumshell set includes:*@+@+, 22"" x 18"" Bass drum, 10"" x 07"" Tom Tom, 12"" x 08"" Tom Tom, 14"" x 12"" Floor Tom, 16"" x 14"" Floor Tom@+*Note: Cymbals, stands, other hardware and snare drum are not included and must be purchased separately.*@+@+

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